round table "Division of corporate rights as a common joint property of the spouses"
  • AGA Partners, together with the Committee on Civil, Family and Inheritance Law of Ukrainian Bar Association, invites you to participate in the professional event dedicated to the discussion of the division of corporate rights as a common joint property of spouses.
    Among the speakers of the event are judges of the Supreme Court, lawyers, representatives of notaries, and corporate lawyers. Moderator - Managing Partner of AGA Partners Aminat Suleymanova.
    Questions for discussion:
  • Can corporate rights be divided?
  • How to protect the interests of the spouse who is not a member of the LLC?
  • Can you split the received income from the activities of the LLC?
  •  Is the authorized capital of LLC subject to section and under what conditions?
  • What are the established approaches of the Supreme Court to the division of corporate rights of spouses?

Date and time: November 25, 12:00 - 16:00

To participate in the event, registration is required: