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Education and bar admission

  • Master of Laws (with honors), Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Kharkiv, Ukraine), 1999
  • Admitted to the Bar since 2000
  • Law School at Nottingham University (Nottingham, the United Kingdom), 2001
  • International Institute of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France), 2003
  • GAFTA Continuing Professional Development Programme (Kyiv, Ukraine), 2007
  • The Aspen Institute Kyiv, the seminar on "Justice, Law and Society" (Dnipro region, Ukraine), 2020


Aminat Suleymanova specializes in representing clients’ interests in international commercial arbitrations, such as the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and institutional arbitration at GAFTA and FOSFA. In addition, Ms. Suleymanova’s unique expertise enables her to effectively protect the interests of individuals and legal entities at the European Court of Human Rights.

Aminat Suleymanova is the first Central and Eastern European lawyer, along with other partners, invited to lecture at GAFTA training and educational courses that deal with issues of international trade, dispute resolution, and shipment of goods under GAFTA arbitration procedures.

Under the leadership of Aminat, AGA Partners has developed a new format of cooperation with the client on dispute prevention and risk management in international trade. From the beginning of 2017, Aminat has delivered more than 30 training sessions to the biggest global and national companies.

Aminat is also a well-known expert in the field of family law and private projects. She specializes in resolving complex family disputes involving multiple jurisdictions and maintains close links with leading law firms in Europe and the United States. Clients for whom the adviser's personality, professional and human experience, reputation, and ability to find adequate solutions for the benefit of a client, are crucial, entrust her with the most sensitive and complex cases.

Aminat Suleymanova has been practicing law for more than 20 years now. She was the first Ukrainian lawyer to become a member of IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers).

Aminat is also frequently invited by the largest TV channels of Ukrainian television as an expert in the field of law, who is able to give correct and adequate assessment of the situation.

Membership at Professional associations

  • Member of the International Bar Association
  • Arbitrator of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association
  • Member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers
  • Member of the Board of Ukrainian Bar Association
  • Head of the Committee on Family Law of the Association of Corporate Security Professionals
  • Member of the Kiev City Bar Association
  • Member of the Ukrainian National Advocates' Association

Awards and Recognition

  • Leading lawyer in Ukraine for Dispute Resolution - The Legal500 2015-2019
  • Leading lawyer in Ukraine for Arbitration/Mediation, International Arbitration and Trade Law – Best Lawyers 2017-2022
  • Best Lawyer in Family Law Practice - Legal Awards 2017, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Best lawyer in Ukraine for International Trade – Ukrainian Law Firms 2017-2019, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Leading individual in Ukraine for Private Clients practice – Legal500 2018-2021
  • The best team in Ukraine for International Trade - Legal Awards 2018, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • The best team in Ukraine for Agribusiness - Legal Awards 2019, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Leading lawyer in Ukraine for Agribusiness and International Arbitration - Ukrainian Law Firms, annually since 2005 till 2019
  • Leading individual in Ukraine for Private Clients practice - Legal Awards 2020, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Leading lawyer in Ukraine for International Arbitration and Private Clients (2019-2021), Foreign economic activity and Family Law (2010-2019, 2021), Agrarian and Land Law (2015, 2017-2019, 2021), – “Client’s Choice. TOP-100 Best lawyers in Ukraine” 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017-2019, 2021,Yurydychna Gazeta
  • Among the TOP-3 women lawyers impacting the development of legal business in Ukraine - Ukrainian Women in Law 2018-2021, Yurydychna Gazeta
  • Leading lawyer in Ukraine for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Family Law, Trade law and Litigation - Best Lawyers 2022
  • Best team in Ukraine in Arbitration - Legal Awards 2021, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Advocate of the Year 2021 - According to the results of a study by the Ukrainian Advocates' Association
  • Entered the TOP-5 best partners of law firms - Legal Awards 2021, Yuridicheskaya Praktika
  • Leading individual in Ukraine for Private Clients practice - Ukrainian Law Firms, 2021-2022

Foreign Languages

Fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English.

  • Representing international company’s interests in GAFTA arbitration in a dispute against one of the biggest Ukrainian exporters of sunflower oil. The claim amounting USD 1 million was granted in favor of the client, due to the seller’s illegal refusal to supply products in connection with the growth of market prices. The payable amount has been collected from the defendant in accordance with GAFTA award.
  • Representing client’s interests in GAFTA arbitration, considering demand to recover damages in the amount of USD 200,000, arising from the seller’s non-delivery of the full contract quantity of the goods. The successful recovery of funds was achieved by arrest of the defendant's bank accounts in Switzerland.
  • Advising Israeli insurance company on the territory of Ukraine on the subject of damages recovery. Successful representation of client’s interests in the commercial court of Kiev, as well as negotiations with contractors for amicable settlement of the dispute.
  • Representing Ukrainian exporter’s interests in GAFTA arbitration. The client claimed demands in the amount of USD 2.5 million, due to improper execution of the grain supply contract by transnational agricultural holding.
  • Representing interests of large Egyptian agricultural holding in the first instance of GAFTA arbitration in dispute concerning execution of the CIF contract, filing and revocation the notice of appropriation.
  • Representing client’s interests in GAFTA’s arbitration in a dispute concerning recovery of losses given default. The case in peculiar due to mechanisms of provisional remedy of lawsuit in Switzerland.  After initiating GAFTA arbitration, defendant’s bank account was arrested via Swiss distraining, whereupon the defendant compensated the full amount of asserted damages to the client.
  • Representing interests of large Egyptian agricultural holding in the first instance of GAFTA arbitration in a dispute concerning execution of CIF contract, filing and revocation of appropriation notice.
  • Consulting large Ukrainian freight forwarding company concerning reorganization and acquiring corporate rights of foreign companies. Development of corporate rights purchase/sale contract and full legal support.
  • Consulting large Russian agricultural holding concerning execution of GAFTA contracts on CIF, FOB terms. Developing individual CIF, FOB contracts in accordance with the client’s demands. Consultations and legal support on contract execution stage.
  • Elaboration of the agreement for long-term cooperation between large agricultural holdings in the spheres of supply and realization of agricultural production with planed annual turnover exceeding USD 50 million.
  • Legal and organizational support of client’s relocation, as well as his family, to the permanent place of residence to Austria.
  • Legal and organizational support of client’s relocation, as well as his family, to the permanent place of residence to France. Acquiring business in France.
  • Legal and organizational support for reimbursement of Client’s companies funds lost in connection with the bankruptcy of the bank in Lithuania.
  • Appealing the judgment by default on divorce made by Ukrainian court in the case, where neither of spouses was present during hearing on the merits. The peculiarity was that both spouses were permanent residents of England, and by the time had the UK citizenship. The husband, using the fact that his wife had not officially withdrawn from Ukrainian citizenship and remained residing in Kiev, initiated the divorce in Ukraine, which gave him a significant advantage in the matters of division of property located in the UK. Divorce in Ukraine was declared illegal, and the case was heard in the court of Great Britain, at the place of residence of the spouses.
  • Developing an effective structure for the grain-trading company with the involvement of European and island jurisdictions, taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on transfer pricing. The company's annual turnover is USD 10 million.
  • Creating a system of trusts for the purpose of company’s efficient asset management.
  • Assisting private clients in participating in private banking programs of major international banks of Europe and USA.
  • Assisting client in the process of acquiring second/alternative citizenship in Cyprus.
  • Assisting client in process of acquiring second/alternative citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.