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senior associate, attorney-at-law
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Education and bar admission

Master of Laws (with honors), Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Kharkiv, Ukraine), 2013

Admitted to the Bar since 2018


Olena Sibirtseva specializes in representing clients’ interests in family and inheritance law since 2013.

Olena has experience in consulting clients in sphere of national family law on matters concerning divorce issues, division on property of spouses, standing the fact of cohabiting without marriage, recognition of property as a private property of one of the spouses, etc.

Also, Olena specializes in representing on matters concerning protection of rights and interests of children, in particular, determination of place of residence of child, establishing ways to participate in the upbringing of child, deprivation of parental rights, recovery of alimony payments.

Other sphere of Olena’s interests is support of drafting and signing marriage contracts, agreements on division of property of spouses, agreements on determining the place of residence, methods of participation in the upbringing and maintenance of children.

Also, Olena represents interests of clients’ in extrajudicial procedure for determining the child's place of residence, establishing ways of participation in the child's upbringing, obtaining permission for the child’s travels abroad without the consent of one of the parents, obtaining permission to conclude real estate transactions in the interests of children in the child protection services. 

Olena takes an active part in professional events as a lecturer, which organized by national professional associations and educational platforms, among which Ukrainian Bar Association and Legal High School. Is the author of publications and commentaries on family law issues for Ukrainian editions.

Membership at Professional associations

Member of Ukrainian Bar Association, a member of the Council of the Committee on Civil, Family and Inheritance Law

Member of Ukrainian Attorneys' Association

Member of the Ukrainian National Bar Association

Member of the Kyiv City Bar Association

Foreign Languages

Ukrainian, English and Russian